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Divorce lawyers demand greater child contact rights for extended family

Towards the end of 2018, we asked our members if they felt extended family should have greater contact rights to children, after divorce proceedings. 41% of respondents believed The… Read more >

Rising legal fees drive divorcing couples away from court

Recent research by Aviva has revealed that the cost of divorce in the UK has risen by 17% in three years, with divorcing and separating couples now typically spending £14,561 on legal… Read more >

Silver splitters face greater financial risk

Back in 2016, we wrote a blog about the rise of ‘Silver Splitters,’ married couples over the age of 50 that divorce. Parting ways for any married couple can be a long, tough road,… Read more >

Only 10% of Scots men accept divorce contributions despite supportive law

According to the group, Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 does not distinguish between the wife and husband when it comes to spousal support, collectively known as aliment when the parties… Read more >

How to tell your children about divorce

Telling your children (whatever their age) that you and your spouse or partner are planning to separate may be a dreaded and fearful prospect for you both. Whether it was your decision… Read more >

Brexit bad for ‘cross-border’ divorce according to legal experts

Consensus Collaboration Scotland, a network of lawyers, family consultants and financial experts specialising in out of court divorce settlements using a technique known as… Read more >

Training Day, 26th January 2018 at Double Tree Hilton, Aberdeen

The theme for this year’s training day is Parenting Apart: Skills and Strategies and will be held at Double Tree Hilton, Beach Boulevard, Aberdeen, AB24 5EF on Friday 26th January… Read more >

Wives may be worse off under scots divorce law according to legal experts

Consensus Collaboration Scotland (CCS), a network of lawyers, family consultants and financial experts specialising in out of court divorce settlements, claim wives may be financially… Read more >

Five financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

While a divorce may leave a mental or emotional toll on both parties, it doesn’t have to hurt financially. Avoiding money mistakes can go a long way in easing the pain. From holding… Read more >

The ‘Ying and Yang’ of divorce

Changing tide Demographic and social changes in the last three decades have resulted in families that are more diverse and complex in their structure. More couples are cohabiting and… Read more >

More Scots seeking out of court divorce settlements research reveals

Although the Office for National Statistics provides extensive divorce data for the UK, there is little research related to Scotland and nothing exploring new types of divorce, such as… Read more >

Divorce Hotels – a passing fad or here to stay?

With English law often encouraging couples to play the “blame game,” leading to acrimony and expensive legal bills, the demand for “divorcing in a positive manner” has never… Read more >

Divorce mistakes and how to avoid them

Divorce can be a high pressure emotional rollercoaster. From divvying up assets to determining child custody arrangements, there’s a lot to contend with during the process and as… Read more >

Divorce apps: Does faster and cheaper mean better?

The divorce app market has grown exponentially in recent years. Back in 2012, the Department of Work and Pensions launched the first ‘web based application,’ a 14 million pound… Read more >

Difference between round table negotiations

A common misunderstanding about the process of divorce is that you and your ex-partner must go to court. A process often deemed lengthy, costly, and destructive for families. Groups… Read more >

Can divorce really break your heart?

Consensus Collaboration Scotland (CCS), a network of Scottish lawyers, councillors, family consultants and financial experts specialising in out of court divorce settlements, say… Read more >

Co-parenting Christmas: How to get through the festive period

Christmas is an exciting time for families particularly for those with young children. It’s a time to look forward to all those traditional things you do as a family together. Like… Read more >

Silver divorce on the rise in Scotland according to latest figures

At a time when average divorce rates across Scotland are waning, divorce among the over 60s is on the rise. In fact, according to the Scottish Government’s most recent statistics for… Read more >

How to tell the children

How to tell the children Telling your children that mum and dad are splitting up may be the most difficult conversation you’ll ever have. For the children, the news can come as a… Read more >

Coping with school holidays after divorce and separation

The holidays can be stressful for parents, from organising childcare, finances to keeping the children entertained for weeks on end. But the first holiday period following separation or… Read more >

Who gets the house?

If you’re embarking on a separation or divorce, one of the first questions you and your spouse may ask is, ‘what will happen to the family home?’ For many families, negotiating… Read more >

Modern Day Divorce Trends: The Facts

The Office for National Statistics’ latest civil justice statistics suggest Scots are searching for cheaper, quicker and more amicable ways to separate, with fewer Scots using the… Read more >

Scots choose more amicable ways to divorce as court settlements wane

The Office for National Statistics’ latest civil justice statistics suggest Scots are searching for cheaper, quicker and more amicable ways to separate, with fewer Scots using the… Read more >

Consensus Training Day

We are delighted to announce that Consensus is holding a training day in Aberdeen on the 9th of September 2016 between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Our event chair will be Craig Samson. Craig… Read more >

Celebrity calls for costly divorce proceedings to be simplified

Gary Lineker is calling for a “mathematical equation” to help couples divorce quickly and avoid the “manipulative” behaviour of lawyers. The star, aged 55, has recently… Read more >

Choosing the right process with your lawyer

The default divorce approach shouldn’t always be going to court. CALM Scotland’s #audioCALM interview series aims to advise separating couples of the alternative divorce… Read more >

Don’t forget the pets during divorce

Loss of status for family pets can lead to unnecessary heartache, but couples can work together to protect their pet. With pet custody disputes on the increase, more thought and… Read more >

Aberdeen Consensus Event

Our Aberdeen coffee morning will take place at the Society of Advocates (Concert Court, Broad Street) on Wednesday 30th March between 10am and 12 noon. If any of your clients are… Read more >

Divorce myths dispelled

There are many misunderstandings about divorce. However, just because some of them are often repeated, it doesn’t mean they become true. In this article Sally Swinney, a Partner with… Read more >

Money matters in your divorce

If you’re embarking on separation or divorce, or are already in the process, both you and your spouse need to understand not only what your financial situation is currently, but also… Read more >

How to approach your first collaborative divorce meeting

An increasing number of couples are choosing the collaborative approach to separation or divorce in order to minimise the conflict, stress and emotional damage that it can cause. Once… Read more >

How to plan for a divorce

Separating from or divorcing a partner will never be a decision that anyone takes lightly. It’s a life-changing move that will have far-reaching consequences for both spouses and… Read more >

Collaborate with your child’s school during a divorce

One of the main goals of Consensus Collaboration Scotland lawyers, financial specialists and family consultants is to help couples going through separation or divorce to put their… Read more >

Being there for your employees during divorce

While an employee’s divorce or separation is a personal, private matter, it could have a detrimental effect on their employer’s business. It’s estimated that divorce costs the… Read more >

Valentine’s Day divorce blues?

If you’re going through a separation or divorce, Valentine’s Day may seem like yet another difficult hurdle to get over in this often painful process. In addition to feeling alone… Read more >

Social media could seriously damage your divorce

Not only is social media activity increasingly being cited as a major contributory factor in marriage break-down, it can also have significantly detrimental consequences for couples… Read more >

Over 50 and thinking about getting divorced?

People aged over 50 should carefully consider how their retirement finances could be affected by their divorce, according to Kevin Mackenzie, a Financial Planner with Acumen Financial… Read more >

Don’t stay together for our sake, say children

That’s the conclusion from new research that found that around eight out of ten children and young people with experience of parental separation or divorce would prefer their parents… Read more >

Divorcing parents; don’t forget to put children first

New research carried out by ComRes on behalf of family law organisation Resolution and supported by Consensus Collaboration Scotland (CCS) shows that an overwhelming majority (82%) of… Read more >

Businesses in Scotland are suffering as a result of divorce and separation.

That’s the finding of a new piece of research released today by Consensus Collaboration Scotland (Consensus), a body of Scottish lawyers, family consultants and financial specialists… Read more >

Pathways to Justice for separating families

A major new report into different forms of dispute resolution has reinforced how important it is for separating couples to choose the right way of sorting things out. The “Mapping… Read more >