April 2016

Choosing the right process with your lawyer

The default divorce approach shouldn’t always be going to court. CALM Scotland’s #audioCALM interview series aims to advise separating couples of the alternative divorce processes available, such as mediation, instead of traditional court led approaches.

Consensus member Alan Susskind of Harper Macleod, Glasgow featured on the latest interview with Scott C. Docherty, an accredited lawyer mediator who practises in Dumbarton and Helensburgh with McArthur Stanton.

Alan discusses how to explore and choose the right dispute resolution process when you separate and approach a family lawyer. He explains the various options your lawyer should lay out for you in working out what type of process might lend itself to resolving your issues, whether that may be negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, or litigation.

Ultimately, it is important to have the best interests of the family and welfare of any children at the forefront of this decision.

You can listen to the full interview here (Note that Alan discusses collaboration from 7 minutes 25 seconds into the dialogue).

Find a Professional to find out how to separate and divorce without confrontation.

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